Nicktoons, Alternate Tunings, Open Tunings, Perfect Pitch, & Relative Pitch

This week's Podcast is all about Tuning: Open Tunings, Alternate Tunings, Tuning By Ear and Tuning on Stage. Before we get to that, the guys start the podcast off by asking if they should start a Nicktoons podcast (probably not). The talk of tuning starts from a member who saw James Hill's video on Alternate Tunings and asks the UU Team if they use Alternate Tunings and what are the benefits. Aldrine shares some of his favorite Alternate Tunings, Kahai gives a tip on how to come up with your own Open Tuning, and Aaron Explain's why Tunings might have become standardized. The team explains how to Tune by Ear which leads a discussion on Perfect Pitch and training your Relative Pitch. Aldrine opens up the discussion to Tuning on Stage and what the guys' opinions and best practices are. At the end of the podcast, The Last Songwriting Challenge winners are announced and a new Challenge is set.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Should we start a Nicktoons podcast?

2:35 Do you play Alternate Tunings and what are the benefits of them?

9:25 Experimenting with Alternate Tunings/How Tunings became standardized

19:30 Should I be retuning my uke? Alternate Tunings

23:30 How do you Tune By Ear? Developing Your Ear

31:20 Perfect Pitch: Blessing or Curse?

38:45 Relative Pitch and Pitch Recognition Training

42:40 Tuning on Stage

48:00 Last Challenge Winners

49:40 Songwriting Challenge #19
Key of A

Optional Bonuses:
Alternate Tuning
TV Show Theme Song

Super Bonus:
Write a Theme Song for the TLL Podcast

Suggested Chord Progression:
A Bm D E7 (I ii IV V)

UU Team Due Date: July 9th
UU Members Due Date: July 16th

Prize: Have Your Song Play as the Intro for the Podcast for a Month

Submit Songs to the Live Lesson Songwriting Challenge Megathread

58:00 What Chord is this Tuning?

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