Feeling Dynamics, Restringing Ukuleles, and Karate Kid

This week we're practicing Karate and Dancing (don't worry it will make sense later). We jump start the podcast by giving tips for practicing and learning Dynamics. Aldrine suggest thinking about Dynamics as a wave, and Aaron gives the advice to sway to the music to feel the Dynamics. The guys talk about Restringing Your Ukulele, and how you can avoid having your string or peg slip. A member asks what they can do to learn the notes higher on the fretboard, and another member asks the team how they feel about the Classical Guitar style vs Hawaiian styles of supporting an instrument. This leads into a discussion about the evolution of Playing Styles and Postures. The podcast ends with revisiting how to play without a strap, and Kahai connects this to "Waxing On and Waxing Off" in your daily life.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Why Mike isn't here, and Honolulu's Indoor Music Ban

6:40 How do you learn to play with Dynamics? (Playing the Wave)

10:30 Find Your Dynamic Floor and Ceiling

14:25 Feel the Dynamics and Moving to Music

23:25 Restringing Your Uke

32:25 Practice Techniques for Playing Notes High of the Fretboard without Looking

35:15 Using the Modes to learn the notes on your Fretboard

38:35 Building Muscle Memory and Side Markers

42:35 What is your opinion on Classical Guitarist Posture vs Hawaiian Musicians Posture?

46:00 The Evolution of Musician's Posture

49:50 The Rock Musician's Posture and Strap Problems

54:10 Playing without a Strap, Waxing On and Waxing Off with the Ukulele

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