Urkel, Bach, Muscle Memory, and Country Songs

What do Vegas, BBQ Sauce, and PipiKaula have to do with country music? Watch the podcast to find out. The guys are back this week to answer questions, review some students, and unveil their latest songs. A member asks the guys if learning songs will become faster, and once you learn a song how do you memorize it? This leads into a look behind the scenes of the UU+ Solos, and adding your own style to a song. The team gives advice for someone who's almost there, and someone who should maybe take a break. The podcast is topped off with the guys showing their "Country Songs".

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:00 Is Mike a regular cast member at this point?

3:40 Will the Time it takes to learn new songs get faster with Practice?

12:50 Do you remember the notes of a song or do you use muscle memory?

19:00 UU+ Solos and Adding your own notes

29:40 Will's Student Review: Strumming all the Way through

36:35 Wesley's Student Review: Playing Dynamically and Taking a Break

45:00 Songwriting Challenge #18
Key of D

Optional Bonuses:

Due Date: June 18th

48:35 Aldrine's Song

54:15 Kahai's Song

57:20 Aaron's Song

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