Voicings, Campanella, and aNueNue Ukuleles

This week, we have 3 special guest: Kalei Gamiao, Corey Fujimoto and Allan Fang from aNueNue USA. The podcast starts with Corey and Kalei answering a question about choosing chord voicings for songs, and explaining the Campanella technique. The guys give us an introduction to who they are and who aNueNue is. Then they show and demo some of their ukuleles. The podcast ends with the aNueNue team talking about their charity auction, and giving some words of wisdom.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:30 How do you pick voicings for a song or arrangement?

5:40 Can you explain Campanella?

11:50 Who is aNueNue USA?

25:50 Moon Spruce Ukulele

29:40 UT1K Koa Ukulele

35:10 UT5K Koa Ukulele

39:45 African Mahogany Ukulele

44:30 aNueNue USA Price Range

47:30 Papa Solid Mahogany Ukulele

49:20 Word Association

58:20 Sound Demo (Island Style)

56:30 Where can they find aNueNue USA? (What does aNueNue mean?)

58:35 aNueNue Charity Auction

1:02:30 Final Thoughts

References/resources for this video:
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Website - Shriners Hospital for Children
Website - Queen's Medial Center
Website - Corey's Shirt (Aloha Pass it On)

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