Learn to play "How Can I Get Over" by Pure Heart on Ukulele

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Play along with the "How Can I Get Over" Ukulele Play-Along with Aldrine and if you need some extra help with learning this song, start with STEP 1 below:

STEP 1 - Chords

First, check out and learn the 3 simple chords you need to play this song:
A Chord, Bm7 chord, and D Chord
A(2100), Bm7(2222), D(2220)

Practice holding those chords and switching between them in that order. For the Bm7 chord, the easiest way is to bar a single finger across all 4 strings on the 2nd fret. Notice in the photo, Aldrine is using his index finger to bar. His middle finger is placed on top of his index to support the bar and his thumb is positioned on the back side of the neck. After you're comfortable holding each of these chords and switching easily between them, move on to Step 2.

STEP 2 - Beginner Rhythm

Now that you know how to hold the chords and switch between them, add a simple rhythm by just playing a simple "down-up, down-up, down-up, down-up" strum. The chord pattern is A, Bm7, D, and A - each chord getting 4 beats or four "down-up"s. It's a reggae song, so the strum is played with a slight swing to it. Check out the video below where Aldrine explains the beginner strum in more detail.

Once you have the basic rhythm down, try playing along with the Play-Along at the top of the page, adding a this basic strum to your chords. Great job, you just played through the beginner version of this song!

STEP 3 - Intermediate Rhythm

Next, in order to really get that reggae-sounding rhythm on your ukulele, you can add some pinky finger muting. Place your fingers where they should be to hold the chord, but relax them (don't hold down the strings). Place any free fingers that you may have lightly on the strings as well to mute them. Continue using your beginner strum, but only press down on the chord, on beats 2 and 4. Aldrine explains the intermediate strum in more detail in the following video:

Try it out, practice, and when you're able to do it smoothly, play along with the Play-Along at the top of the page using this intermediate reggae strum. Congratulations! You just played the intermediate version of this song!

STEP 4 - Beginner Intro Picking

The song starts off with an intro picking on ukulele. In the video below, Aldrine explains a simple way to do this picking:

For those of you who know how to read TABS, feel free to check out the "How Can I Get Over" Beginner Intro Picking TAB (.pdf) Once you learn it, feel free to play along with the Play-Along at the top of the page.

STEP 5 - Intermediate Intro Picking

If you can play the Beginner Intro Picking pretty easily, next add some flair to it with slides and pull-offs on certain notes. Check out the video below, where Aldrine explains some of the embellishments you can add to this picking:

If you know how to read TABS, take a look at the "How Can I Get Over" Intermediate Intro Picking TAB (.pdf), then play along with the Play-Along at the top of the page when you have it down. Awesome job you've got this song down!

STEP 5 - Advanced Ukulele Picking

Finally, there is a pretty advanced ukulele picking right in the middle of the song. If you have patience and dedication, you'll be able to get this one down fairly easily, but it will take some work. Check out the Advanced Ukulele Picking TAB (.pdf) for some direction on this and use the 60% Slow Down video below to help you to practice the picking:

Some of the toughest parts of this picking involve the timing of the notes. For example in measures 5 and 6 on the tab, there is a section where you're just holding the A string 12th fret and picking it a bunch of times. This sounds easy, but you really have to listen to the rhythm and be able to recreate it. Lots of triplet repeats in there:

How Can I Get Over TAB - Bars 5&6

In measures 13 and 14 you are doing a pull-off technique on the A string.

How Can I Get Over TAB - Bars 13&14

So at the start of measure 13, you would pick fret 9 on the A string, pull off to the open A, then pick the open A string again. Then repeat this same process using the 5th fret of the A string. So measure 13 is this technique alternating between frets 9 and 5. Measure 14 is the same technique alternating between frets 11 and 7. If you haven't encountered this A String pull-off technique yet, it will take some time to coordinate both hands and be able to play it smoothly and in rhythm, but once you do it's a lot of fun! Most importantly, take your time and practice, practice, practice!

Good luck & as always, if you have any questions or need any help with your playing, feel free to send a message, we're always here for you! Also, for another Pure Heart song, check out the ukulele tutorial and Play-Along for "Crazy Without You" as well! Have a great one, keep strummin'

-UU Staff


  1. Aldrine,
    You are the best on many levels, musician, teacher, human being. You inspire me to play and sing with my ukulele and my friends. Let me know when you next come again to the San Francisco Bay Area.

  2. Great song? Wonderful singing too! Looking forward to learning the strumming and picking techniques.

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