Straps, TikToks, Tanky Ukuleles, Surprise Song Meanings

Do Straps Make the Player, or does the Player Make the Straps? A student review leads the UU team to question how important is a strap, and how much support should you be getting from the strap? The guys also offer fundamental advice on how you should hold your ukulele to optimize support. This leads to a trip down memory lane when most ukuleles didn't have strap pegs, and playing an ukulele/pick up combo that was great for stage, but impossible to play without a strap. A UU member asks how many ukuleles Aldrine plays for a show, and another member asks why Aldrine wrote a song about Playing Cards. A special guest is announced for next week's podcast, and an extension is placed on the Songwriting Challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:50 Next Week's Guest: Kalei Gamiao

3:55 Can we get TikTok questions, if we don't have a TikTok?

7:15 Will's Student Review: Supporting Your Ukulele without a Strap

25:45 No Strap Pegs and the Ovation Applause

37:10 How many ukuleles do you use for shows?

47:15 Why did Aldrine write a song about chocolate playing cards? (Surprise Song Meanings)

55:10 Songwriting Challenge Due Date Postponed 1 Week
UU Team Due Date: June 11th
UU Members Due Date: June 18th

Songwriting Challenge #18
Key of D

Optional Bonuses:

57:10 Going back to work

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  1. You guys are outstanding. Very kind and considerate. You see small details that are hard to decipher. It is getting better. I really enjoy your friendship, the world is begging for it. I like the venue. It feels like we could step out of where you are and walk around Kauai.

    One day, one day, I will appear. Ha…


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