Offset Sound Holes, Canadian Folk, and Your Musical Fingerprint with Brad Bordessa

This week we're joined by another UU "O.G.", Brad Bordessa. Brad is a uke teacher from Big Island. He learned from some local legends and now he's passing on what he's learned through his site, Live Ukulele. For the Live Lesson, Brad helps us with some questions about holding the B7, the importance of fingernails, getting that "Canadian Folk" sound, and staying calm while playing. We also talk about today's ukulele landscape, Brad's Ukulele, and how Brad records his music. Brad finishes the lesson with a tidbit about your Musical Fingerprint, and focusing on your sound.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 Intro to Brad

5:20 What do you think about today's Ukulele Landscape?

10:00 Trouble with holding the B7 chord

17:10 Who made Brad's Ukulele?

19:30 Does an offset sound hole/sound port make a difference?

20:25 How Does Brad Mic and Record his ukulele?

20:35 Where has Brad played music?

24:10 How important are fingernails?

31:40 How do I get that Canadian Folky Sound?

42:05 How do you stay calm when playing along?

51:30 Musical Fingerprint: Sound Like You

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Youtube - Brad Bordessa

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