Easy as Whistling, Following Through, Phrasing, Songwriting Challenge #18, and Uncle Willie

It's just the Boys this week! No special guest, but the team does answer a question from last week, and reviews a back catalog of student reviews. One member asks if playing the ukulele will ever be as easy as whistling along to a song? Aldrine gives examples of how easy playing along can be, and Aaron points out how far you may already be if you can whistle to a song. The guys dive into Student Reviews. They give advice on following through with your strum, checking where you anchor, playing with rest strokes, playing posture, and the importance of Phrasing. A new Songwriting Challenge is set, and the guys throwback to a Titanic Ukulele Challenge. Towards the end of the podcast, the team pays their respects to Uncle Willie K by talking about fond memories with him.

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:05 Will Playing Along with the Uke ever be as Easy as Whistling?

12:15 Will's Student Review: Follow through & Anchoring with your arm

21:30 Wesley's Student Review: Rest Strokes & Phrasing

36:05 Pete's Student Review: Picking Positions and Posture

45:35 Remembering Uncle Willie K

56:50 Songwriting Challenge #18
Key of D

Optional Bonuses:

UU Team Due Date: June 4th
UU Members Due Date: June 11th

1:02:35 Attack on Titan Ukulele Challenge

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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your guys are great. Yes I can see this. I went too far the other way. I am will do what you suggest. Also, should I not use a strap at all and use the forearm to hold the Uke? I need to understand also how to do what you told me to do and do rolls and mutes or chucks. I seem to lock everything in. Even the strap to my body. I will review your basic lessons about how to strum and hold the Uke. I don’t want to drop it. Is a strap from the neck better for me? You are guys are tops!

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