Seeso, UWC, Capos, and Style Ingredients

Longtime friend and OG Member of the UU Community, Narciso "Seeso" Lobo joins us for this week's podcast. We start of the Live Lesson with an intro to Seeso, and an explanation of the Ukulele World Congress and the Brown County Ukulele Festival. Along the way, the gang reminisces about the online ukulele community, and take a walk down memory lane when Seeso introduced UU to Chicago. We catch up with what Seeso is currently working on, dive back to some of the original Ukulele Youtube Heavy Hitters. The tail end of the podcast is spent answering questions about Capos, Spruce/Koa wood combos, switching chords, and why ukuleles are traditionally strung with a High G.

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Questions Asked this Week:
4:20 How long has Seeso been playing Ukulele?

9:55 What is UWC?

19:15 What is the Brown County Ukulele Festival?

24:45 Chicago Stories

31:35 What is Seeso up to?

35:55 Seeso: One of first big Uke Players on Youtube

39:20 How often do you use a Capo and Why?

40:45 What do you think about a Spruce/Koa Wood Combo?

45:00 Should you continue to use the "Beginner Method" for switching chords?

50:00 What is the reason the ukulele is traditionally strung High G?

54:10 Thoughts on Benny Chong's My Romance?

55:45 How is Aldrine's Jazz chops?

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