Real Books, Cutting Heads, and Jazz Sharks

This week, the master of Jazz, Mike Odo himself, returns to help us with some Jazz specific questions, and to discuss the Merits (and Demerits) of written music. The podcast starts with a question on how to get started with Jazz Chords and Jazz Songs. This brings up a conversation about Aldrine, Abe and Kalei "Cutting Heads", and when Aldrine had to swim in a sea of Jazz Sharks. Aldrine mentions how much the Real Book helped him stay afloat, and this goes into the topic of the Pros and Cons of Written Music. The podcast ends with Aldrine helping someone finish their chord progression, and Mike giving his recommendations of Musicians to support online.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:25 How do I start learning Jazz Chords and Jazz Standard Songs?

14:20 Retreat Jam with Aldrine, Kalei and Abe

21:10 Swimming with Jazz Sharks

26:35 The Real Book

36:00 Sorry for the Silence. Kahai's Mic was off. Why Ultimate Guitar might not be the most accurate.

37:25 For or Against The Real Book?

51:00 Why Mike hates Tabs

56:40 What Chord can I use to complete an Ebm to F7 progression to make it sound Spanish?

1:00:00 Mike's Musicians Reccomendations

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