Musubis, Ukulele Instrumentation, Songwriting Challenge #17, The Master Strum, and Walking Patterns

Nothing's Going to Stop Us, so the guys start of with a non ukulele related question, and spend the beginning of the podcast talking about copyright and online video services. Aldrine answers what instruments works well with ukulele before the team sets the next Songwriting Challenge. The last half of the podcast is spent talking about the "One Strumming Pattern to Rule Them All" and how you probably already have rhythm without even realizing it. Would you ask someone, "What's Your Walking Pattern?"

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:15 What is a musubi?

4:55 Is there copyright restrictions when picking what songs to use for UU+?

7:50 UU's Video and Streaming History

13:20 What instruments work well with ukulele?

18:55 Aldrine's Korean Poster

20:45 Songwriting Challenge #17
Key of Bb

Optional Bonuses:
Waltz (3/4)

Super Bonus:
Bb minor (C#/Db) key change

Due Date: April 23rd

36:55 Is there a Master Strum?

48:40 How do little kids play ukulele so easily?

53:45 Walking Patterns and Speaking Rhythm

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