Tennis Elbow, Scale Patterns, Soloing Mindset, When Less is More

This Week, we have a very special guest, Kaniho Giminiz. You might have Seen or Heard Kaniho from some of the Play Alongs. He's a long time friend, and one of our go to musicians, so we're very excited to have him on. The guys start off with an introduction to Kaniho, and the backstory of Kaniho and Aldrine's friendship. They then give their advice to members who are suffering from Tennis Elbow. Aldrine asks Kaniho what the Hawaiian word for Elbow is which leads to a brief tangent on Hawaiian names. Aldrine quickly shows some patterns to help remember Major and Minor Scales, and gives his opinions on inlays. A deep discussion on soloing takes Aldrine and Kaniho back to their school days, and Kaniho relates the old adage, "Sometimes Less is More" to soloing and accompanying. The podcast is finished with UU Mail and Kaniho's advice to Ukulele Players.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:25 How long has Aldrine known Kaniho for?

6:40 What do you do if you have Tennis Elbow?

16:55 What are the Major and minor Scale Patterns?

20:40 What is the Hawaiian word for Elbow?

21:00 Hawaiian Names

23:20 What do you think about Larry Robinson's Inlays?

27:15 Do Inlays affect the sound?

31:05 How did you start learning to Solo?

38:05 How did you start learning to pick?

41:00 What do you think about when you're soloing or picking?

50:25 What are the rules to accompany a Solo?

56:55 What was the first ukulele song Kaniho Learned?

57:50 UU Mail Unboxing

1:03:55 Kaniho's advice for Ukulele Players

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  1. Hey guys, Will here. You answered my question wonderfully! I so much appreciate that. I will take this information and when I am ready to do your soloing lessons and I will have this in my pocket to step out to express myself with the art of soloing.

    You covered every area of my questions. You did this with a very caring and detailed fashion. You guys are great! I love the family environment and the brotherhood that you show towards each other and your audience. We are students, but I enjoy you by watching and learning together.

    I will start thinking about what key and the scale and don’t dive too deep into trying to utilize every not in the scale. Less is better. A few notes together. Aarron really hit the nail on the head.

    I so much enjoyed the comment about singing and how it relates to soloing. That I can do in my head while trying to play what I am feeling.

    Thanks again.


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