Beginner Practices, Stretch Goals, and Earliest Ukulele Memories

The podcast jumps off with Aldrine giving his "Pro" KFC tip, but we get back on track with a question about practicing for beginners. This leads to a discussion on what most players should focus on to improve, and how instead of having an "End Goal" song, you should have a "Stretch Goal" Song. Aldrine gives his quick opinions on Mya-Moe and Kamaka, and Aaron gives some advice for memorizing lyrics. The guys answer a few more quick questions and share their earliest ukulele memories before the show is topped off with the guys playing their new songs.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:25 Aldrine's Pro KFC tip

4:20 What did you do to practice when you were a beginner?

12:30 What should beginner/intermediate level players focus on?

20:50 What is your "Stretch Goal" song?

29:15 What do you think about Mya Moe and Kamaka ukuleles?

33:35 How do you memorize lyrics?

37:15 Is it ok to learn Chord Progressions instead of Songs?

39:10 Tips for Bb and barre chords

43:00 When do you choose to use a Soprano ukulele?

44:15 What is your earliest ukulele memory?

47:50 Songwriting Challenge #17
Key of Bb

Optional Bonuses:
Waltz (3/4)

Super Bonus:
Bb minor (C#/Db) key change

Due Date: April 23rd

50:25 Kahai's Song

53:40 Aldrine's Song

58:20 Aaron's Song

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