Nail Alternatives, Thumb Picks, Ipus, and U-Bass

Our Favorite Bass Player/Music Theory Guru, Mike, is back for the special 100th Episode of the Live Lesson Podcast. Mike was on the 1st Episode, so we thought it would only be fitting to have him back for the 100th. Aldrine starts of the podcast asking the guys what are their Favorite Memories from the last 100 Episodes. After a walk down Memory Lane, the guys answers a question about the best nail alternatives. This leads into a discussion about thumb picks, which leads into the Running Man Technique, and a brief history of the Bass Guitar. Since the guys have Mike talking about Bass, Aldrine challenges him to play a game of 5 degrees of kevin bacon (but with an Ipu and the U-Bass). Aaron asks Mike for advice for Ukulele Players who want to play the U-Bass. The lesson is topped off with questions on fake nails, humidifiers, and a quick Student Review. Thanks for the past 100 Episodes! Here's to 100 more!

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:10 What has been your favorite Thursday Live Lesson memory?

6:35 What is the best option if you can't grow nails?

9:05 What about Fake Nails?

14:50 Where is the best position for the Thumb Pick?

16:00 What pick does Mike use for Bass?

19:30 Why isn't the running man used more on Ukulele?

22:15 How did the running man become standard for bass?

26:40 Connect the P-Bass to Ipu to U-Bass Challenge

36:15 I want to learn U-Bass, where do I start?

46:15 What about Acrylic Nails for Flamenco playing?

50:00 What do you think about Herco Humdifiers?

54:20 What is the ideal % of humidity for instruments?

59:20 Humidity test for instruments

1:01:45 Glen's Student Review

Songwriting Challenge #17
Key of Bb

Optional Bonuses:
Waltz (3/4)

Super Bonus:
Bb minor (C#/Db) key change

Due Date: April 23rd

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