Harmonics, Opihi Man, and Recording Audio

The UU Team is practicing Safe Social Distancing by doing the podcast from their homes. This means the podcast looks and sound different, but this doesn't stop the guys from answering your questions! The podcast starts off with breaking down harmonics and the "Touch" you need to play them. Aldrine gives some tips on playing Opihi Man. Then the rest of podcast is spent giving advice on recording Audio, and some of the recording problems people should avoid. We hope everyone watching and listening is staying safe and healthy.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:50 Can you talk about harmonics and where to find them?

5:10 Can you talk about the "Touch" needed for harmonics?

11:40 Do you have any tips for Opihi Man?

20:55 Is that a wig or the family cat?

25:05 More Private Lesson Slots and Ventura Highway Contest

32:10 Do you have advice for recording Audio?

40:00 How far would you set up a microphone to record your ukulele?

46:05 Thumps and Unwanted Noise

51:30 Is it better to record to a computer?

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  1. Wow! Thanks guys. Great info all the way through. Going to look at a mic setup to record my uke and super excited to work at Opihi Man.


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