Fixing a Nail, Breaking Strings, Weekly Practice Routines, and Grunge Songs

What do you do when you break a nail or a string during a performance? The Show Must Go On, so Aldrine tells stories of how he has navigated around these problems. He also gives tips for what you should do to keep your nail from breaking. The guys answer a question about their personal practice routines, and what an intermediate player should be doing for their practices. When it comes time for the songwriting submissions, Aaron and Aldrine play their "Grunge" songs, while Kahai plays his fantasy anime inspired song. The podcast is topped off with the announcement of the Hot Sauce contest winner, and a reminder for the Aloha Friday Jam "Ventura Highway" Contest.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:05 Tips for a split nail

12:15 The Show Must go on

26:15 What are your weekly practice/playing routine?

36:40 What is a good weekly practice for an intermediate player?

43:55 Songwriting Challenge #16
ii V I Chord Progression
Any Key
Dm G C
Am D G
Gm C F
Em A D

Optional Bonuses:
Chord not in key
Odd Time Signatures (3/4, 6/8, 5/4)
Birds and the Bess ?

Due Date:
March 19th

45:20 Aldrine's Song

51:50 Kahai's Song

57:00 Aaron's Song

1:11:00 Hot Sauce Update

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