Favorite Foods, Fingerpicking Chunks, BFFs, and Musical IQ Test

The Podcast is always on topic with music and ukulele, especially when we have Magic Mike on. If we were to theoretically go off topic, we might talk about our favorite foods and a local delicacy, tinono (lechon kawali). That's just a theoretical situation, so this week's podcast is all about using fingerpicking chunks, muting chords for a cleaner sound, and Aldrine's Fangirl moment. The podcast ends with Aldrine and Mike trying to take the Musical IQ Test.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:35 What is Mike's Favorite Food?

6:50 Can you do the fingerpicking chunk?

14:50 Renee's Student Review

26:45 Is it ok to anchor your pinky when you do a fingerpicking chunk?

29:20 Aldrine's Fangirl Moment

42:45 Musical IQ Test

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  1. Thank you for the student review! I was in Florida last week (where it’s freezing!) and it was so great to log on when I got home.
    Love you guys,

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