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Can you tell Jake Shimabukuro's playing from a kid? This time on Ukulele Challenge, we challenged Abe Lagrimas, Jr., Kalei Gamiao, and Aldrine Guerrero to a blind guess - Jake or Young Kid??

Granted, we made it REALLY, REALLY difficult for them. All of the songs were Jake Shimabukuro arrangements, but some of the Jake videos had less-than-desirable audio quality, and some of the "Young Kid" videos were from some of the best young ukulele players in the world.

Can you tell the difference? Find out!

For more about Abe, check out:

For more about Kalei, check out:

-UU Staff

Videos (links for the uncut, original reference videos):
"143" (Kelly's Song)
"Ukulele Five-O"
"Island Fever Blues"
"Toastmaker's Revenge"
"Sakura, Sakura"
"Bring Your Adz"
"Bohemian Rhapsody"
"Blue Roses Falling"
"More Ukulele"
"Piano Forte"
"Me and Shirley T"


  1. This was hilarious to watch. Best laugh I’ve had since I started social distancing, hanging out at home. Thanks!!!!!!!

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