Double Stops, Swinging with a Metronome, and Songwriting Challenge #16

Because the Podcast is "Totally Music and Ukulele Focused", the guys talk about Double Stops aka Harmonies, Swinging with a Metronome, and set a new Songwriting Challenge. If the podcast wasn't so "Music Focused", then the crew might talk about Video Games, Song Inspired Alcohols, a Hot Sauce Race, and Aldrine's Full English Breakfast. Luckily for all the viewers, UU always stays on topic. 😉

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:35 What are double stops?

18:35 How do you practice swinging with a metronome?

30:20 Wearable Subwoofer (Immersive Video Games)

36:15 Songwriting Challenge #16
ii V I Chord Progression
Any Key
Dm G C
Am D G
Gm C F
Em A D

Optional Bonuses:
Chord not in key
Odd Time Signatures (3/4, 6/8, 5/4)
Birds and the Bess 😉

Due Date:
March 19th

49:50 Song Inspired Alcohols

54:25 Hot Sauce Race

57:25 Aldrine's Full English Breakfast

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