Uke Teachers Tier List, Thumb Picks while Chunking, Acrylic Nails, and the Mandolele

Because the guys made their Top 5 Players List last week, this week they make their Uke Teachers Tier List. Find out which teachers are A Rank and which Teachers are SS. Aldrine also answers a question about chunking with a thumb pick and why people would choose to use a thumb pick. At the very end of the podcast Aldrine talks about the Mandolin, and an interesting Mandolin, Ukulele hybrid.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 Who are your favorite Ukulele Teachers?

28:40 Red Flags for "Ukulele Teachers"

31:30 Can you chunk with a Thumb Pick?

48:10 Are there reasons people would choose to use a Thumb Pick?

50:45 How did you break your nail?

56:05 Have you tried acrylic nails?

59:20 Do you need long nails?

1:02:20 Have you tried Mandolin?

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