Top 5 Ukulele Players, the UU Retreat, Baby Yoda Songs

The UU Team is tasked with the heavy burden of listing their Top 5 Favorite Ukulele Players (besides Jake). Aldrine narrows down his top 5 with Aaron and Kahai throwing in some of their favorites. On the way to making their list, the guys also give plenty of honorable mentions to other ukulele players. After that lengthy discussion, they give a recap on the UU Retreat, and why the Retreat was so special, then the podcast is rounded off with each of them playing their songs from the songwriting challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:50 Who are your 5 favorite ukulele players (excluding Jake) and why?

25:00 Retreat Recap

39:55 Songwriting Challenge
Key of F or Dm (They’re the same)
Use F chord and/or Dm

Optional Bonuses:
Include a Chord not in the Key of F
Reference Baby Yoda Sipping Soup
Include a Slide or Bounce
Use Every Chord/Note in Scale

41:10 Aldrine's Song

45:00 Does Aldrine have a twin brother?

45:45 Kahai's Song

52:05 Aaron's Song

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  1. I love that all of your originals but Aaron’s song was really good. I’d like to learn the bounce on the ukulele.

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