UAS, The Ukulele Site, Alternate Jobs, and Desert Island Ukuleles

This week's podcast was streamed live from the UU Retreat with special guest, Kalei Gamiao. In the podcast we learned the origin story of why Kalei plays the ukulele; gained insight on Ukulele Acquisition Syndrome (U.A.S); revealed Kalei's and Aldrine's desert island ukes; found out what jobs everyone would have without involving the ukulele; and learned the differences between ukulele festivals. We also got a peak behind the scenes of The Ukulele Site, and Kalei's band: Iron Mango.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 Are you going to teach your daughter ukulele?

4:20 Why did Kalei start playing ukulele?

7:20 What is UAS?

8:05 Where has Kalei traveled to?

11:00 What kind of vocal warm-ups do you do?

13:20 What kind of warm-ups does Kalei do?

15:40 What is your desert island ukulele?

19:50 What is the severity of your UAS?

21:15 The Ukulele Site

25:40 How can an Ukulele be so expensive?

30:20 Are there vocal exercises to stretch the vocal chords?

31:40 If Ukulele wasn't a part of your life, what would you be doing?

36:05 Where is Kalei's favorite place he's traveled to?

40:45 What's the difference between all the different ukulele festivals?

49:20 Tin Pan Alley Triplet

51:00 Iron Mango

57:05 What is Kalei's one piece of advice to starter ukulele players?

References/resources for this video:
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Uke Lesson - Seasons of Love (with Kalei & other UU Musicians)
Youtube - Kalei's Channel
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Instagram - Aldrine's Daughter with her first Kanile`a
Youtube - ukulenny
Youtube - Abe Lagrimas Jr
Ukulele Challenge - Ukulele CHARADES! (With Abe and Lenny)
Instagram - Jam with Lenny and Abe

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Website - Kanile`a Ukulele
Ukulele Site - Kamaka HF-3
Youtube - A Walk to Remember Trailer
Youtube - Wilson (Cast Away)
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Live Lesson - 9/15/2016 Replay (Triplet Strum)
Uke Minutes - Triplet Strum (Hawaiian Style)
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