Favorite Jake Albums, Plastic Ukuleles, Wood Alternative Ukes, and Helping Australia

With no initial questions, the guys somehow manage to stretch the Podcast to over an hour this week. Aldrine starts off the podcast by bringing up his favorite Jake Album, and the merits of inexpensive durable ukuleles. Halfway through the Podcast, the guys answered how they feel about Banjoleles. Also asked was how to protect your ears on stage, are you playing in Boston, and a Hot Sauce Update. Aaron brought up Blackbird Ukuleles and alternatives to wooden ukuleles. Most importantly, Aldrine announced the UU Charity Drive to help with the Australian Wildfires.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:30 Aldrine's Favorite Jake Albums

9:20 Pros of the Kala Waterman

21:00 NAMM & and Ukulele Brands

34:15 What are your feelings on Banjoleles?

37:05 UU Australian Charity Drive
Donate Here: Australian Red Cross (Click on Rewards to be entered in an Ukulele Giveaway)

44:30 How do you Protect Your Ears on Stage?

53:40 Blackbird Ukuleles

1:05:25 Are you ever going to play in Boston?

1:09:55 Hot Sauce Update

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