Indian Songs, Aladdin, Fauxhammers, Sliding Chords, and Talented Families

Like the Dinosaurs, the UU Team is back for a new year and a new TLL Podcast! The guys answer a few questions about figuring out the key in a specific song, clawhammers, and sliding chords, but they inevitably find a way to get off course. Can you really call it a TLL Podcast if there aren't references to movies, cartoons and music? Luckily, at the end of the podcast they're able to wrestle the cart back on the track and set the guidelines for the next songwriting challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:10 What Key is this Song in?

12:05 Clawhammer or Fauxhammer

18:05 Do you have a Banjolele?

19:50 Steve Martin, Béla Fleck, and the Wootens

21:50 The Cruz and Garza Family

27:15 NAMM and Ukulele Makers

35:25 How do you slide a chord?

52:35 Craig and Sarah's Christmas Presents and CDs

58:20 Rules for the Next Songwriting Challenge

Key of F or Dm
F and/or Dm chords

Include a Chord not in the Key
Baby Yoda Sipping Soup
Slide or Bounce
Use Every Chord/Note in Scale

January 30th

1:04:30 Hot Sauce Update

References/resources for this video:

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Youtube - A Whole New World (1992)

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Uke Lesson - Island Style
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Youtube - UU NAMM 2017 Coverage
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Website - Kamaka
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