Favorite Riffs, Dirty Vs Clean, Collaboration, and Secret Santa Songs

Find out who your Secret UU Santa is in this week's podcast. Before they reveal their songs and who got who as Santa, Aldrine talks about his Favorite Riff, and picking technique. The guys stray into talking about different playing styles, playing to your strengths, and collaboration. Surprisingly the podcast ends a little early, so the guys talk about tomorrow's Christmas Concert, and end of the year plans.

Reminder: We're taking a Holiday Break. The Next Live Lesson will be on January 10, 2020. We'll see you guys next year!

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:30 What is Aldrine's Favorite Riff?

6:50 Squealies/Pinch Harmonics

8:00 Dirty Vs Clean Play Styles

14:10 Aaron's Favorite Technique and Collaboration

28:20 The Secret Santa Song Challenge

32:30 Kahai's Song

37:40 Aldrine's Song

44:50 Aaron's Solo

52:20 Christmas Concert and End of the Year Plans

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