Singing while Playing, Fingerpicking, Pedals, and Hatsune Miku

What would an Ukulele sound like as a Japanese Virtual Idol? This isn't a question anyone has asked, but the guys find out on this week's podcast. They also legitimately answer a question about intermediate singing while playing, and help someone with a fingerpicking student review. The back half of the podcast is spent showcasing pedals (including a very rare and special pedal). In the end, we announce the winners of the last Songwriting Challenge, and pick who we will gift songs for our Secret Santa Song Challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:55 Do you have intermediate/advanced tips for singing and playing?

15:45 Singing with the Relative minor/major

18:05 Hot Sauce Update

23:40 Anna's Fingerpicking Student Review

30:35 Are you planning a Christmas Live Lesson or Jam?
(Yes, but Aldrine will be gone from December 23rd to January 3rd)

32:20 What is Aldrine's shirt from?

35:10 Live Lesson Podcast is going Public

37:25 Hatsune Miku Pedal

47:50 Digital Delay Pedal

53:40 Distortion Pedal

55:25 Super OverDrive

57:45 Digital Reverb

1:01:00 Aldrine's Cell Phone Trick

1:02:20 Winners & Prizes of the Last Song Challenge

1:06:30 Secret Santa Song Challenge

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