Transposing Picking, Add9 vs. Add2, Pinky Exercises and What to Expect at the UU Retreat

This week, Aldrine starts the podcast with a special announcement. The Podcast Replays are now available for everyone to watch! After the announcement, Aldrine explains a few ways you can transpose your picking, and some shortcuts to make transposing easier. We also get into why you shouldn't use a capo for transposing; the difference between add9 and add2 chords; pinky exercises for chords, and making a song your own. The last few minutes of the podcast are spent talking about the UU Retreat, and what you can expect if you come. If you are a new viewer, welcome to the video version of the Live Lesson! We hope you enjoy what you see.

Reminder: Next Week will be our Last Podcast of the Year, so come watch us show our Secret Santa Songs.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:50 Why did the Podcast Replays go public?

4:10 Can you talk about transposing melodies/pickings?

22:15 Why don't you just use a Capo for transposing?

29:20 What's the difference between Cadd9 and Cadd2

36:20 What are good Pinky stretching exercises for challenging chords?

45:45 Why you should relax when playing

52:00 Renee's Student Review

1:05:15 Ukulele Underground Retreat

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