Tremolos, Jazzy Chords, 6/8 Time, and Bon Dance Songs

We have quite an assortment of topics and questions for this week's Live Lesson. Aldrine starts it off by giving some feedback on a Student Review. The guys then get a question about protecting your Thumb Nail, and memorizing Jazz Chords. In a quick fire round, Aldrine shows how to do the Tremolo, and what 6/8 time means. At the end of the podcast, the guys show their latest songs for the songwriting challenge.

Reminder: We're taking a break next week for Thanksgiving. We will be back December 5th.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:00 Artistgirl's Student Review

10:50 Aldrine's Fidgets and Non-Anchored Tremolo

16:25 Three Finger Accent

19:45 How do you keep your thumb nail from breaking?

25:30 How do I expand to Jazzy Chords?

37:50 How do you do the Anchored Tremolo?

39:55 What does 6/8 time mean?

43:00 Songwriting Challenge Guidelines:
Key of G
Am or Em

Boxer Reference

Song Submissions for the Giveaway due December 5th

45:05 Aldrine's Song

50:25 Kahai's Song

56:50 Aaron's Song

References/resources for this video:

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