8 String Ukuleles, String Buzzing, Slack Key Music, and Aldrine's Concert/Soprano String Sets

Voltron is back baby! With Voltron at full power, the guys start off with an easy question asking if Aldrine plays other Ukulele Sizes in his down time? It gets harder when the guys try to diagnose a buzzing problem without seeing the ukulele firsthand. They then review a student playing an 8 string ukulele. Aldrine also gives a teaser to his concert and soprano string sets, and give recommendations for 8 string ukulele artist and slack key artist.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:15 Does Aldrine play other ukuleles sizes in his personal time?

14:00 Does the short strings on sopranos make it harder to play on stage?

16:05 Aldrine's Fun Fact

18:15 Tips for Buzzing after Changing Strings?

36:50 Do you know when your Soprano Strings will be Available?

42:35 Wesley's 8 String Ukulele Student Review

53:40 Can you recommend other 8 string Ukulele Artist?

55:55 What's the hand position for Bm?

56:55 Wouldn't a Mandolin Style Work for an 8 String Ukulele?

58:45 Any advice for getting into Slack Key Music?

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  1. It’s nice to hear that a certain amount of ‘buzz’ is par for the course and that it’s not just because I have bad instruments. It means I can stop my search for the perfect buzz-free uke.

    One buzzing cause that I’ve had a couple of times now is a loose nut where the tuning pegs go through the headstock. There’s a washer and a nut on the topside and the washer rattles when the nut loosens off, which is easily fixed. Even my clip-on tuner buzzes sometimes as there’s some little loose part inside that gets shaken by certain notes. I found these as you suggested, find a position or technique that causes the buzz and then stick my ear close to different parts of the uke to try and locate the source.

    I also tried fixing the buzz problems by changing my playing style – I got a distortion pedal and cranked punk rock songs through an amp. No more buzz, just angry neighbours banging on the wall! 🙂

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