Thumb Strums, Music Therapy, Baby Sharks, and Chunking, and Choosing the Right Tools

Ryan steps in to be the third "Color Commentator" for Today's Podcast. They fire off with a question about Strumming with your thumb like Jake. This brings up the idea of Choosing the Right Tool for the Job, and not Hammering a Nail with a Screwdriver. The podcast moves on to what does Music do for you, and Aaron asks the existential question, "Isn't all music, therapy?" Aldrine demonstrates some interesting percussive techniques, and helps a new member learn to chunk.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:25 How do you get a lighter hit with a Thumb Strum?

12:45 Technique Problems VS Timing Problems

13:30 How do you fix Timing Problems?

25:10 How does the Ukulele in particular and the music in general effect your mood and thinking?

33:35 Music as therapy

39:05 Why do you Play Music? What Itch does it Scratch?

45:35 How do you Upstroke Pick with a Thumb with a Short Nail?

57:15 How do you Chunk?

1:04:00 Hot Sauce Update

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