Left Hand Mutes, Palm Mutes, a New Hot Sauce Game, and the Unicorn Ukulele

The Unicorn Uke has landed, but before Aldrine shows it off, the guys answer a question about splitting practice between guitar and ukulele. They cover a couple of student reviews that both deal with muting, and Aldrine comes up with a new game for the Live Lesson viewers. The podcast is concluded with the winner of the Songwritting Challenge being announced.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:45 How do you split practice time between Guitar & Ukulele?

13:20 Julien's Left Hand Mute Student Review

24:15 Combining the Pinky Mute and the Left Hand Mute

31:20 Marc's Palm Mute Student Review

35:05 Palm Muting with a Compensated Saddle

38:30 Are you lifting your hand off the Saddle?

43:00 Drills for practicing Left Hand Mutes

47:05 Guess how long Aldrine's Hot Sauce will last

51:35 Do you ever share your Hot Sauce?

52:45 The Unicorn

1:07:35 Picking the Winner for the Live Lesson Song Challenge

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