Triplets, 6 String Ukuleles, Spicy Songs and the Peak of the Live Lesson

Magic Mike returns to answer some questions about Triplets, and 6 string ukuleles. Like most podcast with Mike, the guys quickly get distracted with discussions on Time Signatures, Music Theory, Metronomes and Speeding Up. The podcast is topped off with the guys revealing their songs, and possibly peaking with Aaron's latest Song.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:35 How can there be a 6 note picking pattern for a song like White Sandy Beach?

16:15 Levels of Complexity in Songs

18:15 Music before Music Theory

20:50 Speeding Up (The Mcintosh Syndrome)

29:35 Update on Aldrine's Unicorn Ukulele

32:50 No TLL, 1-on-1 Coaching (October 17, 2019), and Aloha Friday Jam (October 18, 2019) / Songwriting Challenge Submissions due October 24

34:05 Do you have any tips for getting the most out of 8 string Ukuleles?

38:30 Aldrine's 6 String Bass Horror Story

44:05 Aldrine's Song

50:20 Kahai's Song

56:00 Aaron's Song

1:03:35 Songwriting Challenge Guideline Reminder and Prizes

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