Stage Set Ups, Effect Pedals, Looping, and more Tech Talk

What started as a simple "Stage Set Up" question quickly devolved into pedals, looping dos and don'ts, and the crews personal tech preferences. Aldrine also answers a question about complimenting your voice with your uke, and revealing some future touring plans.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:20 Can you tell us about your stage Set ups?

1:50 Aaron's Set Up

3:25 Aldrine's Set Up

7:40 Why Aldrine doesn't use Pedals

14:30 Looping

18:00 Why Aldrine doesn't like Chorus Pedals

29:15 When do you use XLR or the 1/4 inch output on your DI?

32:10 Our Live stream and Video Set up

37:25 What Pickup do you use?

43:40 Aldrine explains why he likes Active Pickups over Passive Pickups

49:00 Should my Ukulele compliment or contrast my singing Voice?

52:55 Will you be touring the Midwest?

57:00 How do we find out where you will be touring?

58:00 Live Lesson Songwriting Challenge Reminder

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Youtube - Aldrine playing his uke with a Cell Phone
Youtube - Victoria Vox Looping
Youtube - Jake talking about his Pedals
Youtube - Jake Looping
Youtube - Jake playing Dragon without loops

Website - Boss RC-20XL Loop Station (Kahai's Loop Pedal)
Masterclass - Imua's Pedals
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Uke Lesson - Escape (Aldrine uses loops in the Play-Along)
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Live Lesson Replay - Aldrine Explains the Basics of Looping
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Youtube - Parks and Recreation Burger Cook Off
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Website - Brown Country Ukulele Festival
Website - Allegheny Ukulele Soirée

UU+ Forum - Live Lesson Songwriting Challenge Megathread (Submit Your Songs Here)
Wikipedia - Haupia

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