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Hey UUers!

This time on Ukulele Challenge, the guys challenge Aldrine to figure out the theme song to the anime series, Attack on Titan ("Guren no Yumia") as done by Ukulelekenchan. First, Aldrine has to figure out the arrangement. Next he has to be able to play it. Finally, he must remember everything and play the entire piece ... from memory. Does he WIN this challenge? YOU Decide! Vote YES or NO on the official Ukulele Underground YouTube Channel.

Be sure to check out Ukulelekenchan on YouTube as well. He's got a lot of great ukulele covers there, so be sure to like and subscribe!

And try out an ukulele challenge of your very own. Some of the most fun (and frustration) that you'll have with your ukulele comes when you challenge yourself to figure out a song all on your own. When you do take on a song challenge like this, be sure to let us know how it goes! Have fun and keep strummin'

-UU Staff


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