Anchoring vs Floating, Strumming to Picking, and Ukulele Fanboy to Ukulele Friends

To Anchor or not to Anchor, that is the question on this Week's Live Lesson. Do you anchor, do you float, do you wear your hat forward, or do you wear it the RIGHT WAY? The guys answer all these questions and give some tips on how to switch from Strumming to Picking. Along the way the also talk about beef stew, 80's arm wrestling movies, and going from fanboy to friends.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:35 How you make that beef stew?

1:50 Anchoring vs Floating. Do I really need to anchor?

19:05 How do you accurately switch from Strumming to Picking?

28:05 Aldrine fanboying over Jake, Kelly Boy, and Peter Moon

34:45 Fanboying to Friend

54:05 Due Date for Songwriting Challenge
October 10th - Aldrine, Aaron, and Kahai's Songs are Due
October 17th - UU Member's Songs are Due for the Give-away

54:50 The difference between Major 7th and Dominant 7th

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