A New Guest, Scratching Musical Itches, Sweep Picking, and a Song Challenge #13

This week, we have a New Special Guest, Mark "1/2 Magic" Baldonado. You might know Mark from the the Seasons of Love, Uptown Funk, or Best Day of My Life Play-Alongs, but what you might not know is that the UU Guys have known Mark since Highschool. In the podcast, Mark and Aldrine reminisce meeting for the first time, and their early bands. The guys then answer a question about Sweep Picking, and how to use it in your playing. They make a quick detour to talk about motivation and "Scratching Musical Itches" before finishing the Live Lesson by picking a winner for the last Song Challenge, and setting the guidelines for the new Challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:55 Who is Mark Baldonado?

10:15 Can you explain what Sweep Picking is and how to implement it into Solos?

19:45 I have the original Strings on my Uke. Is it time to Upgrade?

25:00 Aldrine's new "Boujee" String Winder

27:25 What did Aldrine need to do to clean up his playing?

36:15 Mark's Music Recommendations

42:05 How did Mark get started with Ukulele and who influenced him?

44:50 What motivated Mark to keep practicing?

47:05 Scratching Musical Itches

54:30 Songwriting Challenge Winner

56:45 Song Challenge #13 Guidelines
Any Key
Use a Maj7

Reference Hot Sauce
Sus4 Chord
Bossa Nova

Deadline: October 17

1:08:10 Any Words of Advice for budding Ukulele Players

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  1. Glad to hear that Alderine liked it! Was wondering if he lost it in all the chaos during the festival. Backstory, I booked a 1×1 session and forgot and did not have a ukulele with me, this was a few days after I used an email address that was not linked to FaceTime.. felt super bad to eat up two slots and wasting his time..

    Frank is one of the founders of Gryphon Stringed instrument and heads up the repair shop, where folks like Michi Matsuda come in to work on repairs! The folks there are super knowledgeable..
    Frank makes those cranks himself. I am glad you’ll found the link. He is a super nice guy and I love chatting with him when I am at the store. Highly recommend those cranks, it is hard to express how nice they are.

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