Finger Woes, Student Reviews, Chord Semantics, and Hippos Song

This Week, the guys try to help a member who suffers from finger numbness. They offer their best advice, and some workarounds for holding chords. During a Student Review, Aldrine gives suggestions for the right hand. The Live Lesson is topped off with Aldrine and Kahai revealing their "Two Chord" songs, and Aaron playing his "Hippos" Song.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 What can I do when my fingers are numb?

15:05 Can you use your thumb as a replacement finger for chording?

21:00 Student Review

32:00 Doesn't James Hill float his Right Hand?

38:10 Songwriting Challenge Guidelines

39:35 How Aldrine got around using only 2 Chords

41:40 Aldrine's Song

47:00 Kahai's Song

55:45 Aaron's Hippos Song

References/resources for this video:
Masterclass - Essential Elements of Soloing with Chris Salvador

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Fingerpicking Songs:
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Uke Lesson - Landslide
Uke Lesson - Danny's Song

Youtube - James Hill Playing Billie Jean

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Youtube - Kalei Gamiao
Youtube - Jake Shimabukuro
TLL Podcast #33 – The Legend of Bandito Tyler Jake Gives Aldrine Tips for Songwriting

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Youtube - Lofi hip hop (beats to relax/study to)
Youtube - Andrew Huang Playing Ableton Push 2
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