Memorizing Scales, John Cruz, Soloing with or without a Scales, and how Two Cs Do Not Make a Right

Have you ever wondered how to memorize all the different scales? This week the guys give several ways to think about and memorize the basic Scale Shapes. They talk about John Cruz, and some sage wisdom he offered to Aldrine. Which leads into soloing within the Scales and soloing outside of the Scales. Aldrine tops off the podcast with a recent story about playing with Two C Strings, and an older story about copying your heroes.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 Return of the Hat

2:55 Any suggestions on Learning Scales and Scale Patterns?

4:30 The 0-2, 0-1-3, 0-2-3 Pattern

9:40 Recording Island Style with John Cruz

15:25 How do you get so much "Soul" out of your Voice?

22:50 Do you Solo over the Scale Shape?

26:00 The Pointer-Ring, Pointer-Middle-Pinky, Pointer-Ring-Pinky Pattern

32:50 No "Wrong" Notes

39:40 Aldrine's Two C Strings Story

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