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Hey UUers!

On this special episode of Ukulele Challenge, we enlisted the help of some of our friends at the SF Summer Uke Fest. Aldrine and Abe Lagrimas, Jr. square off against Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel in a game of Ukulele Charades! Each team takes turns emulating some of the best ukulele players. To top it all off, the lovely Cynthia Lin plays the roll of game show host.

For more SF Summer Uke Fest fun, check out this video of Aldrine and Aaron performing "Bennie and the Jets" with Steven Espaniola and Abe Lagrimas Jr. And for even more ukulele shenanigans check out our instagram where you can see a special behind the scenes jam featuring Ukulenny and the ever-so-talented Abe on the otamatone.

Stick around for more Ukulele Challenges, and remember to keep strummin' and always have fun!

-UU Staff


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