Paint by Chords, UU Alumni, Condensing Chord Patterns, and Live Lesson Challenge #12

The guys are back this Week singing the praise for some longtime UUers and some new UUers. They pick a winner for Live Lesson Challenge #11, and set the guidelines for the new challenge. Kahai's dog spit up his song, so he gets to show it this week. Aldrine demonstrates how to condense a 4 chord song to 2 chords, and how you can "Paint using Chords". The end of the Lesson is spent talking about the achievements and progress of longtime member, Alan Fasick; the benefits of Private Lessons; and why constructive criticism is helpful.

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Questions Asked this Week:
3:15 Podcast Listener rising up to the Song Challenge

9:50 Add-on Prizes for Challenge #11

11:20 Challenge #11 Winner

11:40 Praises for all the UU Challengers

14:20 Kahai's Song

20:35 Song Challenge #12 Guidelines:
Key of C:
C Major, D minor, E minor, F Major, G Major, A minor, B diminished
Must use at least 2 Chords

Use only 2 Chords (Extensions and Inversions count as the same chord)
3/4 Time
Animals (Theme)
Reference Animal from the Muppets
End of Summer (Theme)

Deadline: September 19

33:25 Does inversions count as the same chord for the Challenge?

34:00 How to Take a 4 Chord Song and only play 2 Chords

44:55 How can you use diminished chords in a song?

47:40 Painting with Chords

50:25 Alan and Uncle George Kahumoku

55:15 Improving on the ukulele let's you have more fun

1:08:15 What would you tell someone who's afraid of booking a Private Lesson?

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