I Love You Strums, Tapping, Triplet Strums, and the Ukulele Underground Retreat

This week, Aldrine starts with a story about his middle finger, and how he improvised the "I Love You Strum" to save his middle finger. He then shows how to Tap and how he does the Triplet strums. The guys(most of them) show their songs, and they make a big announcement for the first Ukulele Underground Retreat.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 Aldrine's "Middle Finger" Story

3:05 The "I Love You" Strum

9:35 Can you show Tapping?

14:05 Why you want to push down when Tapping.

16:50 Does your fretting hand pull off when you tap?

21:50 The Ukulele Underground Retreat

26:35 If there a focus to the Retreat?

30:00 Will there be Kulolo at the Retreat?

31:45 What is Kulolo?

35:05 Could you demonstrate Triplet strums?

39:00 Song Writing Challenge Guidelines:
Key of F
I, vi, IV, V
F, Dm, Bb, C
(Not in this order & Can Use other Chords)

Reference actual cheese
Key Change
Topic - Leaving Home

40:10 Aldrine's Song - Hill Side Shuffle

45:15 Kahai's dog ate his song

47:10 Aaron's Song - Babybel

56:15 Song Writing Challenge Prize

58:55 More Retreat Info

References/resources for this video:
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Instagram - Amy's Band
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Uke Minutes - Tapping
Masterclass - Essential Elements of Soloing Part 2
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Uke Minutes - Pull-Offs and Hammer Pull Combos
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Aloha Friday Jam - Replay Drift Away
Youtube - Dragon
Youtube - Steve Vai
Youtube - Eddie Van Halen
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Ukulele Underground Retreat - Pre-Registration Reservation More Info to Come
Youtube - Kalei
Website - Kanile`a
Youtube - Kūpaoa
Website - Hawaiian Blizzard
Wikipedia - Kulolo

Uke Minutes - Triplets
Uke Minutes - Triplet Strum
Youtube - Ukulelezaza (Demonstrates UK Triplet Strum)

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Instagram - Aldrine's other Song in F

Website - Babybel
Website - Laughing Cow

UU+ Forum - Live Lesson Challenge #11 (Post Your Songs Here)

Website - Ukulele Picnic

Live Lesson Podcast Archive
Old Live Lesson Archive (August 7th, 2014 - March 1st, 2018)

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