Ear Training, Half Step Down, and Cheese?

On this week's Live Lesson, the guys spend a good chunk of the hour discussing ear training. They talk about tuning forks vs digital tuners, and offer their advice for practical ear training. They have their weekly "We Heart Abe" chat and marvel over his ability to play just about everything. The guys wrap up the lesson by setting the rules for the next song writing challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:10 What are your thoughts on tuning forks and ear training?

6:05 How do you tune your ukulele if only one string is in tune?

15:25 Tuning a Half Step Down

26:50 We Heart Abe Lagrimas Jr.

31:45 Do you hold the tuning fork against your soundboard?

33:15 Are there some songs better suited for Low G?

36:20 Low G Ukulele for slack key

41:00 Can Abe play the theremin?

43:15 What ukulele songs drive you crazy?

45:00 New Song Challenge Rules:
Key of F
I, vi, IV, V
F, Dm, Bb, C

Reference actual cheese
Key Change
Topic - Leaving Home

References/resources for this video:
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  1. This video was so helpful! For some reason I never considered tuning to just one string using relative pitch. I always thought I had to tune it to the exact pitch to train my ears.

    I’ve been practicing on my daughter’s ukulele and I am shocked by how good my relative pitch is. Now if someone hands me a random ukulele I can tune it up and play!

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