SF Uke Fest, How to Reharmonize, and Abe (the other Abe)

The guys are back from the SF Summer Uke Fest and they are joined by our favorite music theory guru: Magic Mike. On this week's Live Lesson they discuss chord inversions, playing while wearing jewelry, and E string pull-offs. The majority of the lesson is spent talking about how to reharmonize a song to give it a new flavor.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:40 A recap of the SF Summer Uke Fest

14:30 Why do you mute the top string of some chord inversions?

18:15 Can you talk about playing the ukulele while wearing jewelry?

28:15 Using an E string pull-off when playing low G.

33:45 Reharmonizing "Wahine 'Ilikea"

58:20 How far can you take chord substitutions?

1:02:30 How do musicians practice with each other if they live far away?

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