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Hey UUers!

On previous episodes of Ukulele Challenge, Aldrine has figured out songs like Koi, Fool, and Stallion. This time the guys hit the road and challenge Aldrine to figure out as many songs as possible while they drive from Kapa'a to Princeville. As they pass through different towns, they also sample a number of different genres including Motown, Latin Pop, and Punk.

If you're curious about how Aldrine is figuring out all of these songs, he's using music theory concepts to make educated guesses. Check out Ukulele 102 and our Music Theory course to learn some of these ideas.

Even if you're not familiar with music theory, challenge yourself to figure out a song. It doesn't have to be difficult, any challenge big or small will help you to become a better ukulele player! Have fun and keep growing!

-UU Staff


  1. This was hilarious and riveting, great to see Aldrine’s brain processes. 😀
    Judge Kahai should have an entire spinoff show. Aaron is an excellent driver.

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