Student Review, Tiny Tim, and False Endings

This week, the guys offer feedback on a couple of student reviews. Aldrine shares some of his tips for playing parallel octaves, and Aaron (The Voice) gives some sound advice for singing while playing. A message from the chat get the guys talking about Tiny Tim and the misguided reputation of the ukulele. For the second half of the lesson, the boys debut their latest original songs from the song writing challenge. While the songs are wildly different, they all share false endings.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 Student Review: Parallel Octaves

9:45 Student Review: Singing and Playing

18:40 Tiny Tim and the reputation of the ukulele

29:00 Song Writing Challenge

29:40 Aldrine's Song

36:15 Kahai's Song

46:00 Aaron's Song (A Better Life)

References/resources for this video:
Ukulele 102 - Week 7: Mutes & Parallel Octaves
Uke Minutes - Muted Octave Strum (Parallel Octaves)
Ukulele Webcam Sessions - Parallel Octaves for Solos
Master Class - Chris Salvador
UU+ Solos - Bandito Tyler

Youtube - How Can I Get Over
UU+ Forums - Student Review: Priya Perfroms "How Can I Get Over"
Ukulele 101 - Week:11 Singing and Playing
Youtube - Is playing to track cheating? (Adam Neely)
Youtube - Whitney Huston Super Bowl
Youtube - Red Hot Chili Peppers Super Bowl
Youtube - Bruno Mars Super Bowl Performance
Youtube - Maroon 5 Super Bowl
Youtube - Prince's Super Bowl Performance (to wash out the taste of the last link)
Youtube - Ed Sheeran Loop Pedal

Youtube - Tiny Tim
Youtube - Israel "IZ" Kamakawio'ole
Youtube - Aldrine Performing
Youtube - Jake Shimabukuro
Youtube - Kalei Gamiao
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Aloha Friday Jam - Replay (Aldrine Raps)
Youtube - Becoming the World's Best DDR Player

Youtube Channel - Lawrence
Youtube - Kahai's Adventure Time Song

Youtube - Carly Rose
TLL Podcast #68 – Ukulele Aloha
Youtube - Darcie's Lullaby
Youtube - Kalena Ku
Youtube - Isn't She Lovely
Youtube - Daughters
Youtube - Mr. Sandman

Website - SF Uke Fest
UU+ Solos - Law and Order Theme Song
Ukulele Challenge – ROAD TRIP on KAUAI!

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