A Chat with Abe (ah-bay)

This week, the guys are joined by special guest Abe who spreads some ukulele aloha with his teaching and ukulele podcast. They answer a ton of questions, ranging from fingernail length to ukulele neck length. Aldrine and Abe offer their best advice for memorizing songs and playing barre chords. The guys wrap up the lesson by asking Abe a few questions of their own.

Aldrine and the gang were also featured as guests on Abe's Ukulele Podcast, too.
Listen to the Ukulele Underground episode of Abe's Ukulele Podcast at: https://ukepodcast.com/episodes/ukulele-underground-crossover-pt-1-s1!81e24

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Questions Asked this Week:
7:05 Do you grow your nails on your strumming hand?

12:40 How do you figure out Major 7th chords?

20:30 What are the pros and cons of a super scale length ukulele?

24:55 Who has been on Abe's Podcast?

26:50 Why do I feel pain in my thumb from playing barre chords?

34:00 How do you memorize music?

44:20 Tips for learning chord melody fingerpicking arrangements

49:30 What's your favorite brand of ukulele?

53:45 What got you interested in the ukulele?

56:20 What ukulele CD is a must have?

1:00:10 Sum up the ukulele community in one word.

1:01:15 What is one thing ukulele beginners should know?

1:03:20 Where can people find you?

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