Shiny Ukes and Vintage Ukes

On this week's Live Lesson, a question about shiny spots on an ukulele lead the guys down a rabbit hole of vintage instruments. They discuss various vintage ukes, and share their "unicorn ukes" (or other rare instruments) that they would love to play. They swap a few stories about damaged instruments and wrap things up by talking about upcoming videos.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:00 Pork and Peas

4:25 Why do I have shiny spots on my ukulele?

19:55 Jerry's Nuggets (the magic of vintage things)

24:15 Unicorn Ukes (Rare instruments you'd love to play)

37:55 Have you ever played a Chuck Moore or a DeVine ukulele?

43:55 Have you ever made your own ukulele?

57:35 Aldrine's Sad Ukulele Story.

References/resources for this video:
Website - Pork & Peas

TLL Podcast #12 – Broken is Better?
Youtube - Willie Nelson and His Famous Guitar: The Tale of Trigger
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Youtube - Why Stradivarius violins are worth millions
Youtube - Playing 7 Stradivarius Violins
Website - A Priceless, 150-Year-Old Antique Guitar Was Destroyed

Youtube - Why Jerry's Nuggets are worth $500!!
Youtube - Why the World's Best Mathematicians are Hoarding Chalk
Website - Kamaka Historic Uke Gallery (See Pineapple Ukes)

Website - Flukes
Youtube - Gibson Hummingbird
Youtube - Taylor Baritone Guitar

Website - Fishman Acoustic NT1 Pickup

Website - Chuck Moore Ukuleles
Website - DeVine Ukuleles
Website - Compass Rose Ukulele

Website - Hawaiian Blizzard

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