A Teaching Moment & Noraa Jane

On this week's Live Lesson, Aldrine offers some feedback on a student review and shares some pointers for holding and switching between chords. He also has a question of his own to bring to the table. Aldrine shares a story about a teaching moment he had and asks the guys on whether or not he made the right decision. To wrap up the second half of the lesson, the boys debut their newest songs from the song writing challenge, and they set the rules for the next challenge.

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Questions Asked this Week:
2:15 Student Review

15:05 Student Review

20:05 Aldrine's Teaching Moment Story/Question

36:35 The difference between a scale and the mixolydian mode.

39:00 Song Writing Challenge

40:55 Aldrine's Song

47:00 Kahai's Song

53:10 Aaron's (Aka Noraa's) Song

1:02:40 Rules for the next challenge

Key of G
2 minor chords, 1 Major
Lyrics (about Love/Heartbreak)
False End
Key Change

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  1. I would have done one thing differently in your teaching moment story/quandry. I’d have taken out a sheet of paper, drawn a quick fretboard box and put in the dots for the scale pattern you have demonstrated. With the video, the kid will just mimic what they see you do — and that’s fine — but the deeper understanding (you seek) might come more easily (later) when they might also look at the pattern on paper. Learning lightbulbs are more likely to fire with multiple points of entry.

  2. Aldrine,
    Interesting question about teaching vs. just recording and memorizing patterns. I think you did the right thing and Aaron and Kahai’s responses are right on point too. One day, when he’s ready, the light bulb will go on and he’ll realize the value of what you taught him in that moment. Hopefully that will lead him to want to learn more.

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