Fingerpicks, Chunking and Harmony

This week's live lesson gets off to a rocky start as the guys explain why they won't be debuting their latest original songs for the song writing challenge. They recover nicely and spend the majority of the lesson offering tips for chunking and harmony. Aldrine talks about his preference for 3 finger picking, and how he learned how to play harmonies. The guys also discuss the experimental nature of the ukulele, their favorite collaborations, and their upcoming travels.

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Questions Asked this Week:
0:35 The dog ate my song

5:55 Do you use 3 fingers or 4 for picking?

11:50 Have you ever tried metal fingerpicks?

14:35 The free form world of ukulele

24:20 Special Guest Announcement

28:30 How do you chunk? Is it a beginner strum?

37:10 How do you improve accuracy when playing harmonies?

47:50 Tips for thinking about harmony on the ukulele.

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