Restring Ukuleles, Student Reviews, & Singing with Soul

On this week's episode, the guys offer some advice and tips for restringing ukuleles. They each share their own approach to tying knots during the restringing process. Aldrine offers feedback for a couple of Student Reviews which lead the guys to a conversation about playing with other people.

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Questions Asked this Week:
1:40 How do you deal with new strings slipping out of the tuning peg?

7:05 How Aldrine ties the bridge knot.

16:15 What do you do if your bridge hole is too big for your string's knot?

23:05 Alan's Student Review

31:25 Marc's Student Review

41:40 Mixing it up during practice

45:10 Knowing what each other will be playing

53:00 Singing with Soul

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